About Us


Bimbia is a global marketplace for individuals and firms to find the people they need for their projects from a global talent pool, and for freelancers to advertise their skills.

At Bimbia, we are passionate about helping you find the right talent, and provide a platform for expert freelancers to perform their skills. There are millions of microjobs to search through, and the service is so easy to use. Our responsive site comes with a host of in-built features and shortens the time it takes to get your task done to the highest standard.

Quality user experience

It’s easy to communicate with service providers through our site, and the service works and displays effectively on screens on all sizes. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding your way around the site due to its intuitive design. All transactions are secure and synced with our virtual currency system, and you can use our site to find everything from business card designers and website testers to app builders, graphic designers, translators and much more.

Find trusted sellers

Our site has a quality review system that makes it easy to find the right trusted talent for your needs. When you view a seller’s profile, you can find out more about their past experience including their past jobs and their biography. This will help you seek out someone suitable.

Simple ordering processes

Advanced search and filter options can be found on our homepage. You can carry out searches based on keywords, categories and tasks. It’s also easy to order and extra service or place a custom order. Once a task is purchased, you can see how things are progressing by heading to the order detail page.

Safe, stress-free and reliable

We aim to provide the perfect stress-free user experience, allowing you to simply browse, buy and get the job done. We have invested a great deal of time into developing the perfect UX, and you sellers even gain access to their very own great-looking profile page and monetization tools to attract more quality buyers. Transactions can be made in a wide range of payment methods and gateways, ensuring buyers and sellers based in the USA, EU and Asia are well catered for. Why not sign up today if you require a safe, reliable micro job marketplace platform?

Communicate and resolve disputes with ease

Sellers are only reviewed by buyers who have actually used their services, with the conversation inbox and dashboard making communication and order status tracking a breeze. Our dispute system is also the result of intense development and ensures any disagreements and other issues can be quickly resolved. The user experience has also been optimized and streamlined via the use of clean CSS and HMTL5 code.

Contact us today

You can get in touch with us at any time if you do have any queries about our services. We are passionate about delivering the service that you deserve and matching buyers with hard-working, dependable and talented sellers that can get the job done in style. We are only happy when you are satisfied with the service that we have provided and are always developing new features to make our site even better and more useful. Why not see what our leading freelancing site can do for you today?

3. How It Works

  • Create an account

Create an account. It is free. You can now buy and sell on Bimbia.

  • Pick a job

You can find professional freelancers for the service you need by using Bimbia’s search engine and filters to find a specific service or seller, or by browsing Bimbia’s catalog in different categories.

  • Get the service you deserve

Communicate with the seller to define your specific requirements before ordering. When you and the seller agree on requirements and price, proceed with placing your order.