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Clarity, transparency and integrity

Our secured payment system and order tracking systems are integrated with each other to deliver full synchronization between admin controls and user interactions. Thanks to this integration, all transactions can be controlled directly from your website. You can also select the right payment method for your needs on your interactive dashboard. Your dashboard also allows you to keep track of your revenue and make withdrawal requests whenever you need to.

How payments work

Bimbia acts as an Agent of Payment between the Buyer and Freelancer. In return for full invoice payment by the Buyer for the project, BIMBIA agrees to discharge the Buyers obligations relating to debts owed to the Freelancer under this agreement. Bimbia agrees to make such funds available to the Freelancer balance with 24 hours, subject to fraud and AML procedures. Freelancers are then able to withdraw those funds subject to the setting up of a valid withdrawal account.

Bimbia takes its obligations to prevent fraud and money laundering seriously and reserves the right to delay payments to Freelancers if fraud or money laundering is suspected. All payments for work completed must go via Bimbia unless Bimbia has given its express written permission otherwise in relation to a specific payment or invoice; attempts to pay outside of Bimbia will lead to sanctions not limited to immediate account suspension. Users must immediately report to Bimbia any offers to pay outside of Bimbia made by their Buyer or Freelancer.

Seller withdrawals

Sellers can send withdrawal requests to Admin as soon as they have reached the minimum withdrawal level. The Admin will use their knowledge of our terms and conditions to decide whether the payment can be made immediately or if it will be part of a monthly withdrawal. The Seller will see notifications of payments and withdrawals on their dashboard.

Dispute resolution

Buyers can send dispute requests if they are unhappy with the work they have received or if a deadline has been missed. Sellers can also send dispute requests if they believe their work is of sufficient quality but it hasn’t been accepted by the Buyer. The Admin will closely examine the case to decide what the outcome will be. This means they will either transfer the money to the Buyer or Seller’s credit account depending on the judgement they make. Multiple package plans are available for users, and Sellers can pay competitive amounts to feature their services and gain the attention of more Buyers.

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